TRAINING SESSIONS by a Qualified Dog Trainer in your home environment.

MiDogz® understands that all responsible dog owners desire a well-behaved dog and that they want to commit their time to achieve this. This is not possible to achieve as there is sometimes just not enough hours in a day to attend to all our responsibilities.

Dog's owners normally end up frustrated because they are not able to control our dog/s.

Most dog's owners prefer the convenience of having a qualified dog trainer working with them and their dog in their own home environment. 

The benefits of one and one training;

  • privacy;
  • no need to transport the dog to classes;
  • no fixed appointments to attend training classes;
  • time saved, and
  • the dog owner receives on the spot problem solving advice as problems can be more effectively addressed in the dog’s own environment.

The benefits to the dog;

  • No trauma to the dog when it is sent away to remote training institutions.
  • No need to repeat the commands again at home after returning from a training institution.
  • The dog ascertains obedience under normal home environment circumstances.
  • The dog associates his home environment as the place of regular obedience.

Training methodology;
It should be remembered that the training of animals is a dynamic field. Many improvements in training techniques have occurred since the very early days of the ‘choke chain’ training methodology.

A similar training methodology, which is practiced in the training of Dolphins, is followed by MiDogZ®. This humane training methodology is vital to MiDogZ®. Progress is also made according to the dog’s individual capabilities, which are positively reinforced.

We base our training on the principle that the animals want to spend time with us and our human presence must be a positive experience for them.

MiDogZ® Progressive training program;

MiDogZ® program focuses on aiding you in your daily dealings with your dog. This includes;

  • Leash acceptance;
  • Obedience, in conjunction with basic commands. 
  • Heel work on the leash, ‘forward!’, ’left!’, ‘right!’, and about turn.
  • ‘Sit-at-heel!’ on the leash.
  • ‘Down-at-heel!’ on the leash.
  • ‘Sit-and-Down!’ at a distance
  • ‘Come!’
  • ‘Stay!’
  • Learned behaviors are reinforced on a weekly basis. 
  • We include both hands-on training for your dog and provide you with step by step instructions, to ensure your dog responds to you.

Stand by advice on behavioral problems.

MiDogZ® can assess you  with behavioral problems such as: jumping, nipping, digging, chewing, housebreaking, excessive barking, boundary training, general wild behavior, minor fearfulness, some forms of minor aggression, etc.

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